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Our company held "Presure and Emotion Control" training course on 3rd December 2020

Dec. 15, 2020

Foshan Baby Bear Technology Co., Ltd held "Presure and Emotion Control" training course on 3rd December 2020. Yuki Zhang, the guider from CTT & HK LBD International Institute Tutor & US PTT International Institute Tutor & ELP System Designer, asks the staffs to share the emotion issues which will easily come from work. WenBao Huang, the head of production line, is in charge of assemble auto baby swing. He will easily argue with colleagues due to lack of materials or other issues during production. After sharing and interchange, Yuki analyses the reason why his pressure come and teaches WenBao how to control his emotion effectively.    

During the last activity of push-and-pull, we could deeply feel the significance of the teamwork, no matter in life or work. So we have to learn how to communicate truly and keep moving.



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