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How To Choose a Baby Bed?

Dec. 07, 2020

How To Choose a Baby Bed?

One third of a person's life is spent in bed. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep a day, while babies need more than ten hours of sleep. Therefore, the bed that accompanies sleep every night becomes extremely important. Why do little babies have to sleep in a separate crib? How to choose a crib? What are the special requirements for the bed for the older baby after starting to sleep in separate beds? Today, the Baby Beds supplier teaches you how to choose a comfortable bed for your baby.

1.What are the benefits of sleeping in a crib alone?

The crib space is relatively small, which can enhance the baby's sense of security.

It helps to ensure the sleep quality of babies and parents.

Baby sleeping in the crib can also prevent being accidentally pressed by the parents when they turn over. It may also be blocked by pillows or quilts and cause suffocation.

Therefore, parents can put the crib next to the big bed, which will not hinder the care of the baby, but also ensure their own sleep.

2.How to choose a crib?

1)Good wood

There are many kinds of cribs on the market, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. It is recommended that parents choose wood, especially pine and fir.

The pine wood is relatively soft, and the baby will not cause much harm even if it knocks. Compared with pine, fir is stronger and more resistant.

In addition, birch, teak, ash, etc. are also good woods. Parents can choose from comprehensive considerations.

But be careful, it's best to look carefully when choosing to avoid knots, especially the load-bearing parts of the bottom, because the knotted wood is easy to break.

2)Paint surface should be non-toxic

Baby cribs that are not painted are prone to damp, and as time goes by, burrs are prone to appear on the wood.

So choose a baby bed that has been polished and painted, which can not only prevent burrs, but also prevent moisture.

However, the sprayed paint must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Parents can judge by smelling and looking at the ingredients when buying.

Generally, if the smell is more pungent, you should be more vigilant. You can also ask the seller and read the manual to understand the paint composition and be aware of it.

Even if it is determined to be environmentally friendly paint, the new bed should be placed in a ventilated place for 3 to 5 days after the purchase, until the smell is gone.

3)Structure must be safe

①The fence should be fixed and 50 cm higher than the mattress. If the fence is too low, the baby will fall off easily.

The gap between the fences should not exceed 6 cm. If it is too wide, the baby's head, hands and feet may get stuck in.

②The mattress should be tightly integrated with the bed frame, and no gaps should be left to prevent the baby from being stuck or suffocated.

③The size of the bed should be appropriate. Parents should not buy a crib that is too large for the baby in order to save money and save trouble. If the bed is too large, it will easily make the baby lose the sense of security and sleep well.

④The load-bearing capacity must be at least 30kg, otherwise once the bed surface breaks, it is easy to hurt the delicate baby, and the consequences will be disastrous.

4)Simple appearance

The appearance of the crib does not need to be too fancy, especially it does not need too many carvings or pendants. The edges and corners produced by some carvings on the headboard are easy to hurt the baby.

Therefore, parents should remember to touch with their hands several times when buying, to ensure that there are no sharp or burr bumps, which can effectively prevent the baby from scratches and bruises.

5)Don't make the mattress too soft

Adults may like to sleep on a soft mattress, but if the baby sleeps on a soft mattress, it will affect the spinal development. Therefore, the mattress should not be too soft and thick. Generally, the baby can lie down and sink 1 cm.

The choice of mattress should have good breathability and water permeability, not easy to deform, it is best to have a hard support inside, and a soft outside surface.

Use attention

It is best for parents not to put too many plush toys and thick quilts and pillows on the crib.


These plush toys are easy to accumulate mites and dust, which can cause baby allergies and increase the risk of suffocation.

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