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What If Your Baby Just Sleeps Well In The Swing

Mar. 09, 2021

What If Your Baby Just Sleeps Well In The Swing

As we all know, babies like sports: rocking, jumping-if this involves rhythmic sports, you can register them. Most babies also prefer to sleep during exercise, snuggling in a baby swing, car seat or rocking chair.

The only problem? These seats are not the safest place to sleep. Pediatricians call them "sitting devices," and they are associated with an increased risk of suffocation when used during sleep.

But before you panic and kick your beloved baby swing to the the road, you need to know: if you use the swing correctly, it will be a magical, sane tool (for example, when you are cooking in front of you to calm a grumpy Baby). It is just not a replacement crib, it should not be used in this way.

How to use baby swing safely

The first thing you need to know about baby swings is that if you use them in a designed way, they are not dangerous. this means:

Read the instructions on the package to understand how to use the swing and any buckles or accessories that come with the swing. (Also note down the height and weight limits of your particular swing; some babies may not be able to use the swing safely because it is too large or too small.)

Don't let your baby sleep in the swing for a long time. A nap under your supervision may be fine, but your baby should never sleep on a swing while you sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that if your baby falls asleep on the swing, move him from the swing to a safe place.

Understand that a swing is an activity device, not a substitute for a crib or cradle. When you need to rest, you should use the swing as a safe place to distract, control or comfort your baby.

These suggestions also apply to any sitting device your child may need to use. For example, baby safety seats are considered the safest way to travel. However, it is not safe for babies to sleep outside the car.

The risks of sitting devices such as swings

Why is sitting and sleeping so dangerous for babies? This is because their neck muscles are not fully developed, so sleeping at a semi-upright angle can cause the weight of the head to put pressure on the neck and cause them to fall. In some cases, this sagging can cause suffocation.

In a 10-year study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, sitting devices-identified as car seats, strollers, swings and bodyguards-were found to have caused the deaths of nearly 12,000 babies 3% or 348 people. Of these 3%, approximately 62% of deaths occurred in car seats. Most babies are between 1 and 4 months old.

More importantly, most of these seats are not used directly, and more than 50% of deaths occur at home. The study also found that this type of death is more common when the baby is taken care of by a non-parental caregiver (such as a nanny or grandparent).

We are not trying to scare you, but it is important to use your baby equipment only for their intended purpose and make sure that anyone who supervises your child also knows where and how your child can sleep safely.

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