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5 Reasons You Need a Baby Bottle Warmer

May. 17, 2021

5 Reasons You Need a Baby Bottle Warmer

There are very compelling reasons to include a baby bottle warmer on your baby registration-or use one if your baby has arrived! Here are the top 5:

Babies like warm milk: breast milk is the same as body temperature, so if you switch to formula milk, she might also like warm milk!

It is safer-some mothers use microwave ovens to heat milk, which can be dangerous and can cause hot spots or uneven heating and burn the baby's mouth. It is safer to use bottle warmer.

It is faster than other methods: pouring hot water on the bottle or heating the bottle with boiling water takes more time than using a warmer (if you put the bottle in hot water, it will take more effort).

Preserve nutrients. Never use a microwave to heat breast milk. Doing so will affect the composition of milk and destroy key nutrients.

There are no extra pots and pans to wash. If you use the stove to heat, or put the bottle in a bowl of warm water, you will have more things to wash.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a bottle warmer:

Safety-Your child's safety is your top priority. You need to know that no matter what kind of bottle warmer you choose for your baby, it will heat the milk to a safe temperature while also preserving the nutrients of breast milk. No baby bottle warmer can heat milk at about 113 degrees, otherwise it will burn the baby's mouth and throat.

Warming effect-buying a thermos and realizing that it can't even heat your baby's milk as reliably as you expected. How annoying is this? Not only will this not make your parenting life easier, it will make your parenting life more difficult. Be sure to choose a warmer you know that can heat your baby's milk to the temperature you need every time.

Simple and easy to use-just press a button to heat breast milk to the perfect 98.6 degrees? Yes, please. Pay attention to how long it takes for your baby's bottle to warm up. You want something very easy to use!

The following are points to ensure safety and quality standards:

In the process of heating the bottle, be sure to use fresh/refrigerated breast milk, a clean bottle, and wash your hands. (Frozen breast milk can be thawed and then used in a warmer bottle.)

The ideal temperature for a bottle of warm breast milk is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, because it mimics the experience of breastfeeding.

If you are heating your baby's milk later in the day, be sure to put it in a freezer bag with an ice pack until you are ready to heat it.

Once heating and feeding begin, the milk should be consumed in about an hour.

If there is breast milk left in the bottle after feeding, you need to throw it away.

Never reheat or restore previously heated breast milk.

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